SEO Myths that should be left behind in 2018!

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SEO is filled with myths & misconceptions. There are many SEO myths that still exist & need to be left behind!

Following are some of them:

1.One-time SEO effort is enough:

If a campaign gives successful results, many businesses think that it is enough and they don’t pay heed to do any further SEO. But that is wrong! Even if a campaign yields successful results, one should not stop doing further SEO for their business/website.

One of the best ways to deal with it is to continuously track a website’s performance on tools like Google Analytics which helps to determine the no.of visitors to the website, no. of sessions, the bounce rate of the website, etc. If any of these metrics show negative results compared to the previous week/month, then its time for the business to pay attention to the website’s SEO.



2.Social Signals are of no SEO value:

Earlier around in 2010, social signals were believed to affect a website’s ranking. After some years, around in 2014, people believed that social signals don’t play any role in the website’s ranking. But the truth is even though social signals are not used in ranking algorithms, they can influence rankings. This is because social media pages are also indexed as they appear in Google SERPs. The figures below show the no. of tweets with their respective Avg. Google Ranking.



3.Having a secure (HTTPS) site is not important for SEO:

Having an HTTPS Site or a Secured Site is very important for a website/business. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication.

Having that extra ‘s’ after HTTP in the website’s link indicates that the website is well encrypted and it can’t be hacked if someone tries to hack and manipulate things inside it.


4.More Content = More SEO:

Content plays a very vital role in a website but it is purely a myth that the more amount of content on the website, the better will be SEO.More than the quantity of the content, it is the quality of the content that also plays a key role because the quality is of very much importance to Google since the very start.

When creating a content for a website, there is a Google’s “10x” rule which states that whatever content you create, it should be 10 times better in Quality than your competitors. Having a good quality content than the competitor will reduce the chance of the competitor ranking on top in Google SERPs.

5.Link Building is no longer important to SEO:

A myth that one should definitely leave behind! A backlink for a website in SEO is as important as water for a water creature. A backlink is a link that a website gets from some other website. The number of backlinks a website has, the more is the prominence of the website in Google SERPs. Also, if the backlinks are high-quality backlinks, there is a greater chance for the website to rank on top in Google SERPs.



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