How to Stand out from the Crowd in Social Media

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In India, the number of people using social media in the year 2017 was approximately 196.20 million whereas in 2015 the number of people was approximately 142.23 million. Till 2022, it is expected to grow up to 370.77 million.

There are 195 million Facebook users, over 30 million Linkedin users and 16 million Instagram users in India. So, today everyone be it a person or a company are digital. 95% of the people especially aged 18-34 follow a brand via social networking sites.



There are approximately 40 million active small business pages on Facebook & 2 million business use Facebook for advertising. So, today we can’t stand anywhere without social media.

No doubt, today half of the world is online. So, we have to do something out of the box.


Here are some tips which keep you and your business stand out from the crowd of social media:


  • Listen more than you talk- Engagement with customers through online is important in every social platform, to understand their needs as an individual.


  • Write in different manners- Today everyone is writing content, but everyone can write differently. Use the flavor, write according to your target customer, writing skills and write something new.


  • Create new- Content doesn’t mean only writing. Use case studies, presentations, videos, templates and podcast in your content to make more attractive. No doubt content is the king. So, use it in a better way.


  • Use every social media channel- Utilize your time to research about your audience, then use a proper social platform to interact with your customers. Different social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. can provide unique opportunities to access, incentivize and communicate with customers.


  • Utilize every feature of social media-Each social media has enormous features, which is very easy to use. So use them according to your audience.




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