7 SEO Trends that one must follow in 2018

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website by organic search. It is one of the important factors for high-ranking placement in the search result pages of search engine. No website exists without doing proper SEO. Here we have 7 SEO trends that one must follow in 2018:

1. Add more videos:

By 2021, 80% of all the online traffic will be videos. It’s very simple, videos give more views as compare to the content. Videos quickly deliver your message, engage website visitors and drive traffic to the website.

In addition to that, it increases a company’s reach, strengthens the bond with the visitors which gives a company a good personality!


2.Use quality backlinks:

Higher the quality of backlinks, it’s better for the website. A backlink is a long-term strategy and if you keep using backlinks you will surely get good site ranking.

Search engines always consider the number of Quality inbound links to the website. So instead of just focusing on the quantity, a website must be focused on having a large number of Quality Backlinks.


3.High-speed website:

Loading speed is one of the most important factors for website ranking. No doubt, visitors are very impatient. They don’t need to waste their time on loading content.


4.Use voice search optimization:

According to the studies, 55% of teenagers and 40% of adults use voice search. Google also started voice command.

Voice search is gradually growing at a great speed because of 3 main reasons:

a) It is fast

b) One doesn’t need to type

c) The answer is read back


5.Good content:

One of the biggest factors of SEO is good content.  According to social media examiner- “37% of the marketers stated that visual marketing was the most important form content for their business”. Write differently in a creative manner because the content is the only king.


6.Personalized SERP:

It means when someone searches for your keywords you will appear on the top result. 50 percent of Google searches are being personalized, and the number is still increasing.


7.Responsive website:

Today 60% of total searches are done by mobile sites. Google also ranks you according to the mobile version of the website.

Having a responsive website results in an improved user experience. The user will be able to see the website on any device which is good for any business/website.

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