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What do you mean “from Scratch”; it means to begin from the beginning. To start with some type of process without any prior knowledge or any kind of preparation. To try and set up a business without knowing having any in-depth know how about it.

The term Scratch which is used so frequently was actually borrowed from the sporting fraternity. The term was used in the eighteenth century for a line that was drawn on the ground as a starting point. Since then it has been widely used as a term to describe it in business across the globe.

Making of a Brand, involves many step and ideas, along with planning and ways of execution. Once a concrete step is taken the process of building a brand is initiated.

To start, you need to understand certain points in mind;

  • You need to first design a business plan, based on the product / services you intend to sell.

  • You need to indentify the targeted market, including the demographics.

  • Need to understand the Need of the product/ services and also the demand, as to who are your competitors, your pricing and the entire dealer networking.

  • Need to set a tangible financial goal;

  • Build a website, with easy accessibility across the internet and the desired markets.

  • You need to do a competitive analysis of your product / service within the desired market.

  • You need to research for opportunities, based on your services.

  • Have a Strategic marketing plan in place, for once the speed picks up then you need to be prepared for the same.

  • Most important define a Brand, which needs to enhanced based on your capability and resourcefulness.

  • Streamline your development plans (Staff, Space and budget).

  • Use search engines towards growth of your business.

  • Once the product / service are ready launch it in the market.

  • Once the product / services are launched, follow up on your customers through back end sales and service.


Once all of this falls in place, you need to ensure you are there for your customers anytime of the day/ week/ year. This will ensure your reputation in the market increases. Establish yourself as a Brand in the market, once your reputation is very good and it meets the market requirements then, you will have a Brand for life.

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