Creating Online Marketing Proposals that Convert!

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The concept of online marketing is in boom since the start of the 21st century. Earlier getting a product from anywhere other than the city or town you reside was just a dream, but now with online marketing, it’s a dream come true. Order and buy anything from anywhere in the world.

So how does one start an online business so as to make oneself noticeable and reward able in the industry? Well, need to get the services of the provider to be able to run the business and what does a service provider need, is a good proposal to nail a lucrative business deal.

The basic business proposal is drawn out by the person providing the services and it in favor of the person doing the business. Effective business proposal should be drafted in such a way that the client on going through is eager to sign the contract and start rendering the services mentioned by you.

The effective way of drafting a proposal includes,

  1. An Overview;

  2. Services provided;

  3. The scope of the business;

  4. Cost and Timelines

An effective proposal is mentioned below:


Need to include the following:

  • Email discussion on the product manufactured by the client and the services he is looking for.

  • The services he has agreed to on the email conversations.

  • Scope the clients business and the effective time lines for implementing the requested services and after sales along with market analysis

  • The objective of the business and the understanding of the overall business module

Services Provided:

Includes the following:

  • Creating a Social media page for the client based on the product in question.

  • Developing a website for the client with the complete details of the business.

  • Designing the website, uploading ads of the client.

  • Graphics designing for the client so that all the products mentioned by the client in the email are highlighted, also ensuring that the page displayed on is refreshed after a time loop.

  • Making it user-friendly so that anyone can open and use the website to order things from the client.

  • Creating an HTML page, testing the website time to time (client servicing), so that the website is always up to date as per specification.

  • Developing the website and redesigning as when required, along with the testing.


Includes the following:

  • Understanding the market of the client and also the competitors in the market.

  • Advertising the client business on various platforms available, like social media, print media and television media.

  • Capturing the audience minds and targeting the client products to specific consumers and devising a concrete workflow to achieve the same.

  • Analyzing the market for generating good money inflow, along with keeping track of the sales and demand of the business.

  • Providing the client with a four point marketing plan, to help the business grow and in turn, increase the revenue.

  • Setup a workflow to help the client understand his business and also ensure its implemented on a timely basis.

Cost & Timeframe:

Includes the most important thing of all:

  • Charges (costing) per services per month.

  • Advertising generation and the cost for the same

  • Running ads in the website and cost for the same.

  • Timelines for the services provided.

  • Overall charges for the project depending on the time and effort involved.

Finally, the contact details and the digital signature s of the service provider and the client, to be saved as an online agreement for the provider to ensure the client is able to run his business smoothly and efficiently.

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