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What do Social media mean, in today’s world?

There are many different versions or ways to describe what social media means, but the one way to describe it would be, interactions among various cultures and the people, by exchanging information and ideas through, virtual networks and communities. This virtual platform enhances one’s perspective of another. Here people across different countries, nations, platforms can interact, with one other through a series of social networking sites, as per their preference and share one another’s ideas, and help in creating a better future.

There are many forms of social networking sites available today; many more expected in the future. Each form is as per every individual expectation. Some of the platforms in use today are listed below:

  • Social networking (Face book, LinkedIn, Google+).

  • Micro blogging (Twitter, Tumblr).

  • Photo sharing (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest).

  • Video sharing (YouTube, Face book Live, Trell).


Social media is now a very integral part of life. Every other person wants to be known across the globe and to do that, everyone spends at least an average of  5-6 hours on any of the Media platforms.

Social Media across the globe argue that it’s a tool to build a brand, by way of getting its potential customers online. By building relationships with potential clients for any company and also increasing the revenue for the country.

Every social media platform has a target audience and these platforms ensure better networking and better facilities to the person using them to help and understand the concept of marketing their wares, products or services to people outside their reach.

In last few years Social media has become a necessity, this in turn has given rise to many avenues of marketing and the ability to affect other people’s thinking in the social online community. With every second the effects of the social media has made both positive and a negative approach towards human begin and the society on the whole.

On the positive side, Business has increased, which in turn has generated towards the economic growth of a country and the community , but on the other had has also dealt a blow on the relations between family and friends.

Positive Influence is been the significant, increase of the number of social media users, approximately 50-60% global population, in the age bracket of 15-50 years of age, use at least one or two media platforms and the rest use infact every single media platform available. The reason, begin Teenagers use it for social interaction, sharing of school or college projects. Adults use it for enhancing their personal profile; interact with other communities for work and exchange of business ideas, to help the economy of not only their people but also for the country on the whole.

Social media is now a huge part of our lives.  Social Media today is playing an outstanding role in creating and shaping the opinions of people and strengthening of society.

However, there are different opinions too the negative impact of the Social media on the lives of the people. The human society has different opinions on the same, with majority of them saying its boon to mankind, there are some who consider it a Curse to mankind. Family relations have been hit badly because of the Social media.

Families are known to talk with each other on the Social media platform, even though they live together. People have become so competent that they have forgotten what it’s like to be talking to family, friends, enjoying a walk with a loved one, caring for your pets and so on,.

People spend one-third of their lives using social media, which has destroyed their family values.

Like every good thing that has happened for mankind, there is also a negative effect too.

To summarise the Social media, would be as follows:

Social Media plays very a important role and has influence in virtually every aspect of our lives, be it good or bad.

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